About me

Passionate about padel and tennis,
and the world of teaching and research.

Passionate about padel and tennis, and the world of teaching and research.

Ever since I was a child I have had a love of sport. I could spend hours and hours kicking a ball, racketing against a wall, watching matches on TV or training and playing with friends until the late hours of the evening. As the years went by, my love for racket sports grew. And, like anyone in love, I wanted to continue to exploit it day by day.

With the vision of helping athletes and coaches in mind, I have always loved playing and studying padel and tennis, in order to understand them better. And, ultimately, to be a better teacher.

Having said that, I consider myself lucky to have a backpack full of experiences such as: winning my first WPT match, being on the bench as a coach on the same circuit, working at the Rafa Nadal Academy, experiencing a student’s first ITF tournament victory, publishing my first book and my first scientific article, teaching my first course for coaches…

My passions are padel and tennis, research and teaching.
And the values that accompany me are passion, commitment, responsibility and quality.

On the curriculum vitae front, I didn’t want to just throw out my CV here. I understand that an “About me” section is much more than that. However, in the following lines I highlight some milestones throughout my career. And well, in case you want to see my CV in full, you can click here.

Academic background

  • Graduate in Industrial Technologies Engineering.

  • Master’s Degree in Performance Analysis, I&D in Tennis.

  • Master’s Degree in Research in Physical Activity and Sport Sciences.

  • PhD student in Physical Activity and Sport Sciences.

  • Padel Coach Level 1 and 2 by the Spanish Padel Federation (FEP).

  • Tennis Coach Level 1 and 2 by the Royal Spanish Tennis Federation (RFET).

  • Attendee to many courses and conferences, as continuous training.

Professional experience as a trainer of trainers

  • Collaborating teacher of Masters for MEDAC and University of Murcia.

  • Trainer for the FEP and the Andalusian Padel Federation.

  • Speaker at different conferences.

  • Author of 2 books for padel coaches.

  • Author of scientific articles.

Professional experience as a player trainer

  • Coach at Real Club Tenis Gijón, where it all started.

  • Coach at Club Natación Santa Olaya, where I was able to train some of the best players in Asturias.

  • Competition coach at Rafa Nadal Academy, where I was able to lead a team of 3 coaches and 20 players.

  • Competition coach in Finland, where I was able to train the best players in the country.